Getting noticed...or not!

I have long held that there is little in life that cannot be fixed with gaffer tape. The state of your eternal soul and fluctuations in the exchange rate are two obvious exceptions but a cast array of woes can be conveniently patched up in no time. For a while I have been bothered by the eyesore of lose wires dangling from wires in Klub’s ceiling. I wasn’t the only one. Ben, our Welsh co-worker with a weakness of putting inappropriately rugby-theme desktops on the office computer, had also noticed. And so we hatched a plan – a DIY plan. When he typed up our hit-list of jobs, he named it the Nehemiah Project. Nehemiah, if you never went to Sunday School, rebuilt the walls of Jerusalem.

Our task list is slightly less dramatic than a city so in need of rebuilding it requires a round-the-clock work force, but nonetheless we want to get the building in shape. Work started this week with a few simple things like replacing broken light bulbs and discreetly applying white gaffer tape patches over the offending holes. While most people want their handiwork work admired we were excited that many people didn’t notice what we’d done. What they noticed was the result – a room that looked cleaner, tidier and distinctly more cared for. And so duly encouraged we will continue, gaffer tape in hand. The bonus for us is that one of the people who noticed was Gill, the Novi Most Director, who’s visiting from the UK this week.


Sam M said…
The joys and wonders of duct tape!

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