If laughter is good medicine...

I’ve recently taken to tweeting – although distinctly less frequently than the average songbird. Tonight my tweet when: If laughter is good medicine I'm fully dosed up for tonight! I hit post and then felt the string urge to blog about it, even though the clock shows it’s well past my bedtime.

Laughter is good medicine – I have that from a reliable source. Tonight it was spreading like an infectious disease as our small party made a disproportionate amount of noise at a local restaurant. Fortunately we didn’t appear to be turning heads, certainly we were spared any embarrassing shh-ing!

Arguably, the lead laugher was the Novi Most Director, but it was a night that seemed more about family than hierarchy. The medicine was honest, fresh, and refreshing. It was sweet but not the sickly sweet of the cherry brandy that accompanied the after-dinner wind down. So if it’s been to long since you’ve had yourself a good, long hard belly laugh see this as your prescription.


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