In which I say very little!

I missed the chance to make a fantastic video today because I didn’t have the guts to ask a shop owners permission. A bit stupid really seeing as I was his only customer and he was busily engaged in producing something specifically for me. I walked home rueing the missed opportunity, thinking I’d make up for it with a witty blog post. But I can’t do that because it might spoil a surprise for some people. It’s hard to know if they read my blog but you can’t be too careful.

So this is an annoying non-post; a few lines of text telling you enough to know that really I’m not telling you anything! I know those of you who do read deserve better than that. Be assured for two things: I spent an odd, yet amusing half hour in a small shop somewhere in Mostar’s old town today, and that tomorrow I will return with something worth reading! Until then, if anyone has any travel tips or recommendations about Montenegro do let me know. It’s one of those places that’s been on my like-to-go-there list for a while. Now we’re so close I guess I have no excuse not to!


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