An Inauguration Impossibility!

I think I achieved the impossible today, or at least the highly improbable. I had a couple of conversations with an American and didn’t once mention the ‘I’ word or the big ‘O’! Am I the only person to achieve this feat? Probably not, but I suspect I’m in a very small minority.

Still, the events in Washington did not pass me by. My mother had sent a text before I left the house this morning expressing her hop all was well with me ‘on this auspicious day’. But it was our Welsh friend who seemed most excited about the Inauguration. He was positively gushing about Obama’s speech.

For my part I caught a little of the proceedings online, thanks to the BBC. That snap shot including watching a number of ex-presidents taking their seating, listening to the tail-end of Rick Warren’s prayer and hearing the first sister of soul, Aretha Franklin, do her thing. Oh, and I did get a minute or two of that Speech too!


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