A new one's just begun...

We saw in the New Year with the celebrations in Mostar. The evening was opened up by Laka, who then went on to, undoubtedly, rock Sarajevo as the clock struck twelve. Laka, for those not up on their Balkan pop, are the act who represented Bosnia Herzegovina in the Eurovision song contest this year. (See our previous entry about that.) They were fantastic. Super quirky and original, a fine blend of comedy and melody with a tight backing band.

Today Rowan was on a local news website and spotted us in their report on last night. If you check out the photos be sure to admire the lead guitarist’s jacket – I won’t go so far to say I’m envious, but its close! Perhaps it gives an insight into what Tim Jupp is up to in his life after Delirious? There were other band playing besides Laka, but RT1 didn’t see fit to show them. However, I will say that Elemental have improved since we saw them in an over-crowded Sarajevo student bar. They got the privilege of playing over the New Year – pausing briefly for the statutory fireworks, which we’re not quite what we experienced last year in London.


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