Our new local airport.

I’m sure I’ve written about Dubrovnik Airport before, but I’ll be honest and say I wasn’t going to wade back through over a hundred posts to check. I know I run the risk of telling the same story twice but here goes. A little over 22 years ago I was on what was probably even then an aging 737 making its decent to Dubrovnik Airport. I clearly remember staring out of the window wondering when I was going to see sign of civilisation. Beyond TITO written in rocks and a few goats there were none. The airplane touched down in this seeming wilderness and juddered to a noisy halt. We climbed down the old-fashioned steps onto the tarmac, or it might have been concrete, and head on foot to what, at least in my memory, was little more than a hut that served as an arrivals hall. This was my introduction to the Balkans.

Today, as we returned Rowan’s family to the same airport, after their introduction to the Balkans, the picture is very different. An extension to the terminal buildings is underway. Walking into the checking-in area was like being transported back to Western Europe without the need for the flight. The bright, shiny space looked every inch the modern airport, albeit a small one. But then we’ve done most of flying out or either Heathrow or Gatwick so when it comes to size the comparisons are hardly fair. Dubrovnik is now arguably our local airport, despite being in another country. With BA suspending flights from Sarajevo we can choose between Dubrovnik or Spilt for a direct flight to the UK. It’ll be much later in the year before we make that trip but somehow I don’t suppose it’ll be too long before we’re back in Dubrovnik.


David said…
Leah is flying in to Dubrovnik at the end of the week. I hope it's not too hard to get from the airport to the bus station.

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