The place to stay in Sarajevo

This post is a hotel recommendation for visitors to Sarajevo, capital of Bosnia Herzegovina. What follows can be read as an honest endorsement or a shameless plug. Should you choose to think the latter know that we paid our bill in full and only the tiniest box of chocolates changed hands. My wife’s family have been visiting us is Mostar this week and wanting to take them to Sarajevo she was hunting online for a suitable hotel. Anyone who been will know parking in Sarajevo can be a real headache, and, anyway, most sights are easily reached on foot.

We once stayed in Guesthouse Halvat, which came well recommended. However, they were already fully booked on the dates of this trip. With a bit of hunting around online she turned up Hotel Konak – a competitively priced and conveniently placed establishment. I’ll gloss over the small incident that left the staff profusely apologetic and say instead it was a pleasure to encounter staff who seemed genuine in their desire to provide efficient service.

Hotel Konak, in its current form, opened in August 2008. We liked it’s clean, modern deco; lots of wood and white walls. There were stylish touches, where they could have gone for merely functional decor, showing a welcome attention to detail. In a country where it’s normal to live with dripping taps and wires protruding from holes in walls its worth noting everything worked. If there’s one thing against it that would be that as a small business I can see demand quickly outstripping supply. So book your room now!


Some other options - Hotel Yildiz (which I think is pretty close to Halvat, right near the pigeon square with Seblij fountain) is basic but comfy and everything works. If you have more cash, want some luxury and have a car or don't mind a 10 minute taxi drive then Villa Atelier is always recommended!

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