Read Blog + Watch Video = Thank You!

It's something that's easy to forget sometimes when I'm doing this bit - the sitting up way too late at night typing away thing. You are probably doing the causally surfing the internet to kill a minute or two thing, or perhaps your really organised and are subscribed, reading this amongst a bunch of other RSS feeds. The funny part about it I may not even know who you are. In fact, in many cases I'm pretty sure I don't.

For example, I know who some of our American readers are but I've never actually made contact with any of the good people of St Louis who drop by. I could go on but you get the point. I write this because I was surprised today when our language teacher mentioned our blog and started talking about the videos she'd watched. I don't know why I was surprised - it's not like we do this because we don't want people to read or watch. So to those of you who do read, or watch, or both: thank you. You make all the sleep-deprivation worthwhile!


Xiao_Peng said…
hi it's matt (england) just to say i think u ment "should" not "such" in the last scentence of the 1st paragraph and sounds like Bosnia is fun!!!
Sam M said…
Hello its sam. I have this on RSS right next to the address field on mhy browser!

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