Surprisingly correct!

After a break from language lessons for two weeks there was something reassuringly familiar about sitting down with our teacher again today. I think we both felt under-prepared, I certainly did. All our good intentions for the festive period had come to nothing and we were left scrawling last minute homework this morning. But despite this something almost miraculous happened.

We had both written lists of prepositions, ordered by case. That was part of the homework. What I’d forgotten is the expectation everything written in our books is etched on our memory. Suddenly I’m having to answer questions. What is ‘towards’, what is ‘under’? My perfect six in a row was greeted by a slightly raised eyebrow and a look of surprise. I didn’t quite get what was said but I’d have loved to be able to reply it was all the result of my hard work over the holidays. It wasn’t but it was an encouraging start to our first lesson of the New Year.


Sam M said…
I hope I can say the same tomorrow when it comes to maths! Unfortunatly, I can't say I have done a lot of revision!

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