Truth in Rainbows

Perhaps I should put a warning here. Danger: contains cheese! And by that I’m not during attention to the presence of dairy produce but the possibility that someone might think the following entry a little trite. But undeterred, I shall type on. Apologies if you can’t stomach the following.

We were driving a friend home earlier. They live south of town and they’d asked for the lift because it was raining. But the weather’s been changeable today so by the time we left it was sunny. Turning the Kombi around by their house to head back into Mostar we were greeted by an amazing full rainbow stretched over the city from the mountains on the east to the mountains on the west.

Rainbows may carry many connotations these days but I was immediately reminded of how Noah was told to see it: a sign of promise. A promise that, amongst other things, God would never again flood the earth. As Mostar is prone to flooding in heavy rain this is reassuring to remember. However there’s a more serious point. The rainbow was arched equally over a city so many have divided. God’s promise is not discriminatory. And that, like the rainbow, is a beautiful thing.


David said…
What a wonderful photo! I've printed it to hang by my desk.

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