Culture Shock!

Before we left the UK we were told that we should expect, and prepare for, culture shock. This, apparently, kicks in after four or five months in a foreign environment. If we were to fell nothing we would be the exception not the rule.

Today’s date is five months from the day we rolled out of town, starting our cross-continental road trip. Neither Rowan or I think we’re feeling any untoward affects from our departure. If we’ve got through month four without freaking out is it too ambitious to hope for similar plain sailing through month five?

I had never moved out of my hometown before switching countries so I have absolutely nothing to reference the change against. I still get excited when I see London looking cool in a movie but I’m not pining. I wouldn’t mind a bit of trans-Atlantic indulgence – KFC and Ben & Jerry’s – but I’m not losing sleep, or weight, over it.

Perhaps someone older, wiser, and more travelled will point out that right here I have betrayed myself and will reveal how this shows I am already afflicted. But until that happens I shall revel in a phrase I usually disagree with: ignorance is bliss!


Sam M said…
Almost half a year then!
Unknown said…
There is a Seattle (WA) based Bosnian/American band called Kultur Shock which plays sort of Balkan folk/trash (speed) metal fusion. Pretty weird music until it gets into your ear. They are quite an underground scene attraction here in the US.
Anyways, just thought (coz of the title and the place) you may find it interesting.
Nice blog man, keep posting

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