Dancing on ice!

Dancing on ice is, I assuming, what two battered BMWs thought they were doing on the Boulevard tonight. I hope they were enjoying themselves because their fish-tailing antics did not meet with the approval of my passengers so we took a left turn to avoid being involved in any unnecessary incidents. However, driving on ice has its challenges.

Tonight I dropped two co-workers home to two tricky locations. One required a stop half way up a one-way street on an icy hill. I quickly realised we were not going to get moving again, at least not forwards. We inched the Transporter back the way we’d come, hazards on, hoping nothing would come the right way. It worked; despite the narrowness, the parked cars and the occasional nudging of the curb.

The other tricky spot was in a village just out of town. The combination of fully iced-over roads, gusting winds and snow flurries certainly made my passenger nervous. Perhaps I was giving the impression I was going to go faster, or reach of the handbrake - which did have to be done! There was one suitable spot so, by mutual consent, we drifted that corner.

Now it’s nice to be back in the warm and the (almost) warm. As Brits, too often we can feel unnecessarily guilty for our lack of winter savvy. However, today we’ve seen that Mostar drivers are obviously, and perhaps understandably, unused to these conditions. They too can’t cope with a few inches of snow on the roads. This is a reassuring discovery.


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