eBegging for Guitars!

I hate explaining videos – it kind of defeats the point – so I’m going to make every effort not to explain what you can watch here, merely to supplement it. If you haven’t already watched it the only explanation I’ll offer is it’s about teaching guitar in Mostar. In the interests of brevity and, hopefully, humour I left a lot out of the video. I could have talked about how humbling it is to teach people who have talent but not the means to have their own instrument. In the UK I taught too many people who had more money than (musical) sense! So far, that’s not my experience in Bosnia Herzegovina. I made my own sacrifices for many of my instrument purchases but I’ve also been blessed to have wound up with a small collection of gear that is certainly beyond the imagination of the wide-eyed sixteen year-old me that decided music was his thing. I believe sacrifice is important because it adds value. But here, where people have so little to begin with and no heavily discounted music superstores to shop in, there has to be a way to provide them with the opportunities to take their interest in music seriously. I have some thoughts as to how...but I’d love to hear yours!


UpDownMostly said…
Have you put this on YouTube. I'd promote the idea. What do you suppose it would cost to send a guitar from the US or UK to where you are?
HellyersOnline said…
you should open a "just giving page" then we can all post a link to it in our vids... in a stickAID stylee!

I'm game if you are!
WeDoAdventure said…
@UpDOwnMostly Yeah - the video is on YouTube. Sending guitars could be costly. I'm thinking that contacting a local distributor might be the way forward.

@About HPW - I'll investigate 'just giving' but I think Novi Most need to register before I can have a page donating to them.

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