For the givers of Straws and Squirty Cream!

We had a few people contact us around Christmas saying they’d bought straws and squirty cream for Klub. Obviously they hadn’t actually made that purchase themselves but, much like you can buy a goat through Oxfam, they had donated toward the ongoing work we’re involved in. This post is for those people. Here is the evidence that it was money well spent. Tonight we had probably thirty young people crammed in Klub for a fun night, the highlight of which was a blindfold taste-test of cocktail ingredients followed by the chance to get a free drink at the bar.

While all the real cocktail ingredients were safely non-alcoholic we’d mixed a few rogue items into the taste-test. I suppose apologies are in order to those who ended up sampling a bit of mustard or the intriguing sour cream/curry combo but they helped make the point that not everything we are encouraged to add into our lives will taste good in the mix. But pick the right things and you can end up with a good result – a bit like straws and squirty cream. So a big thank you to those who made this possible.


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