Get Bono!

“I wanted to get hold of Bono to endorse Novi Most...but where do you start?” I must have looked quizzical because Gill, the Novi Most Director, promptly burst into hysterical laughter. My look was perhaps a little unfair. It is not, after all, a wholly unreasonable request.

Bono has an association with Bosnia Herzegovina dating back to the Siege of Sarajevo. He may not have invented the word ‘coexist’ but he has certainly championed it in the name of peace and tolerance. And it wasn’t like she was asking for his mobile number. All she wanted is to know where she should start her enquires.

Would he be interested? I’d like to think so. There’s no way of knowing unless we get to ask the question but I think he’d approve of an organisation that not just works with young people from different ethnic backgrounds but brings them together with the dream of a better future.

So this post is a simple exercise in six-degrees of separation! One of you reading this must be able to answer the question “but where do you start?” If you do I’d love to hear from you. And if he asks my U2 back catalogue is almost complete and I have ‘No Line On The Horizon’ on pre-order from iTunes...sorry, I was doing so well up to that point!


David said…
There's a family friend who is a promoter/publicist in the music business. Here's what I got from him...
U2 is managed by Principle Management in Dublin, Ireland, and the phone number is 353.1.677.7330.

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