Green Visions and Mountain Bikes!

The other day Rowan was given a brochure for Green Visions – ‘Your guide to responsible travel in Bosnia and Herzegovina’. Slouching on the sofa today I picked it up and was idly flicking through the pages when I landed on a spread screaming ‘ride free...’ Just a few hours early I’d made the decision not to ride despite the sunshine outside. With my saddle now reunited with my mountain bike after four months of separation I’m still look for the perfect opportunity for my first ride over here. The brochure indicates I could be joining ‘a small circle of dedicated bikers’ if I can work on the dedication bit. It paints an enticing picture of country side that is not crawling with recreational users, unlike the south of England! And so I won’t leave it to many more sunny days before I check it out for myself. After all, it is a novelty to live near mountains on which to ride my mountain bike!


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