Hard Rock Cafe?

According to fake T-shirts sold the world over ever city worth its salt has one. They don’t, but this franchise does have a legitimate global presence. Born in London, we’ve found the real deal in Edinburgh and LA, Birmingham and New York. There are plenty more besides, but those I can personally vouch for. Yes, we’re talking about the Hard Rock Cafe! I’m a fan, as much for the memorabilia as the burgers. We once stayed in the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas – and would recommend it to anyone who wants to find a decent sound system in their hotel room!

Today I stumbled upon Mostar’s 'Hard Rock Cafe'. They had gone to the effort of matching the original font on the sign stuck to the sliding glass door but there was no question this was not anywhere near being an official enterprise. There was a reasonable collection of rock posters adorning the walls but not an instrument or gold disk in sight. Still the coffee was cheap and there was no attempt to flog us a knock-off T-shirt!


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