Rocking out!

This morning we kicked off our latest rock’n’roll endeavour in earnest. In the interests of being an inspiration to aspiring young musicians Rowan and I are combining forces with drummer friend, Budo, to provide something of an object lesson in you-could-do-this. Perhaps this is not our most altruistic venture - all of us will readily confess a love of rocking out - but, nevertheless, we all understand the serious side too.

Budo has contacts in the local music scene and one of them has a rehearsal studio. It put a smile on my face to be rehearsing is a room with real egg boxes stuck to the wall! Having dabbled in home-studio construction, and worked in a few ‘real’ ones you had to admire the ingenuity on display. Nevertheless, with the help of two earplugs I emerged two hours later without a ringing head. I’ve been working on distilling over a decade of song writing into a decent set. We tackled the first three this morning. They’re sounding great so there’s every reason to be optimistic.


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