A cross cultural treat!

I think I had myself quite the cross cultural Sunday afternoon. It is my loosely-held belief Sunday afternoons were inventing for slumber. After all, if God rested on the seventh day shouldn’t we do likewise? After a pleasant outdoor lunch with friends, enjoying what seems like the onset of spring, we retreated to our apartment where I could enjoy today’s real treat: No Line On The Horizon.

I’d pre-ordered U2’s latest album from iTunes. I switched my laptop on this morning to find an email telling me it was ready to download. I knew what that meant for my afternoon. So it was I donned my favoured headphones, stretched myself out on our English sofa , in our Mostar apartment, clutching a box of American Skittles to listen to Ireland's finest export. Tragically, it seems I really did slumber. While the chocolate Skittles were no more, an hour later I was in no place to offer an informed opinion of what I’d been listening to!

I’ve done some revision while I’ve been attending to some correspondence. I’m pleased to report it’s well worth £7.99 and an hour of your time!


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