A first time for everything...

It was an afternoon for firsts. I dropped my parents of at Dubrovnik Airport at the end of their first trip to Bosnia Herzegovina. As I drove up the coast road I realised I was following the first Albanian car I’d seen. (It was a Ford Mondeo – which somehow seemed appropriately global!) Suddenly it started slowing down and I realised I was about to see my first road accident since we’ve moved. (It was a Croatian one, as I hadn’t crossed the border, so maybe that doesn’t count?) Sadly a big white Mercedes had taken a serious side swipe from a small anonymous-looking car that had buried its tiny bonnet into the other’s door. Air bags had deployed but it didn’t look like anyone had been hurt.

For the first time I took a right turn in Neum and headed home up over the mountains. I had heard various reports about the road. I don’t know what I expected but what I got was a pay-attention drive that would have served well as a stage on Sega Rally. A Hyundai Matrix is not a rally car – nor do I claim to be a rally driver. I enjoyed myself without attempting anything crazy or stupid, which is just as well. On one of the downhill sections I rounded a corner to see two Police officers standing in the road, obviously waiting for a customer. That I subsequently found them to be very polite and not the least intimidating was a pleasant surprise. But I can’t add that to the list because it was the second time that’s happened.


That's the first car accident you've seen since you've been in Bosnia? Seriously? The Mostar drivers must be a whole lot better than the Tuzlan ones. Did you get the Pazi kako vozis campaign complete with wrecked cars in Mostar too?
WeDoAdventure said…
Ok, so I remember seeing a car that had just put itself in a ditch but this was the first involving two vehicles. We did the Pazi kako vozis campaign - who put a couple of other cars in ditches just south of the town.
Maybe we've just had bad luck or the Tuzla Sarajevo road is a particular black spot. We are always getting caught in long waits following big smashes. Actually we got caught in one down near Mostar as well a couple of months back. But, it isn't that much worse that the M40 I guess. I don't think the pazi kako vozis campaign did much good, we saw a smash under one of the signs (police still there measuring away).

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