Inconvenience or Adventure?

In a brief moment of down time on another busy Saturday I was idly surfing the internet when I stumbled across this: "An inconvenience is only an adventure wrongly considered - an adventure is an inconvenience rightly considered."

That is a slice of wisdom from GK Chesterton. I’ve had a mixed relationship with Chesterton. Father Brown annoyed me but I found A Man Called Thursday and, in particular, The Napoleon of Notting Hill fantastic reads. However I struggled to get into Orthodoxy, although when I finally finished it I think I understood.

Obviously it was ‘adventure’ that grabbed my attention but it’s left me pondering the nature of ‘inconvenience’. What is inconvenient about living in Bosnia Herzegovina? Rightly considered the answer is, on the things that matter, very little. But then U2 announce a tour and you rue not living an hour from Wembley and ponder if it’s worth trying to get tickets for Zagreb – and face ten times the travel time! Wrongly considered it’s quite the inconvenience. Chesterton, doubtless, would classify it adventure.


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