One of two?

We have a friend who here in Mostar who found us through this blog. They were looking for English language blogs about life in Mostar and stumbled across ours. I did a search the other day and realised just what a small niche this blog is part of. If you narrow the search the English people blogging in English about life in Bosnia Herzegovina then there’s even less choice. As far as I’m aware we’re one of two! There may be more, and I’d love to find them if there are, but it’s weird to think us and a fraught mummy in Tuzla may be the only English voices speaking about life in this country. And then you start wondering who’s actually listening!


Lets keep on flying the flag. What I find really weird is that neither of the two Brit Blogs are based in Sarajevo, which has a much bigger international (and British) population. But you are right, although I know of some english language blogs of people based in Bosnia, we are the only two Brits that I know of. Anyway, I'm listening, so keep on blogging.
Sam M said…
I'm still here! Checking for updates has become a bit of a subconcious thing for me!

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