Scaring my mother...again!

She added the ‘again’. I hadn’t realised the first time was quite so serious. It involved the short drive down to Kravice that we took last Sunday; one hairpin bend and a couple of hundred yards of tarmaced decent, albeit with gravelled edges and a steep drop on one side. Today we drove up to Ruište, which is about twenty-five kilometres out of town; hardly an epic journey but long enough to give my mother sweaty palms, if not white knuckles. My driving was certainly not reckless. Admittedly the roads where littered with stones from recent rock falls and the higher we got the more snow and ice encroached on the road surface. The hair-pin count may have reached double figures but I didn’t see any reason for it to be hair-raising.

Once up in the strange silence of this snowy mountain village we resorted to walking. I know enough to know my father is not a fan of driving in unfamiliar conditions, much less a fan of being driven in them by me! And so, when the sun disappeared and the snow suddenly started to fall I agreed to beating a prudent retreat down to the valley, but not before treating them to an unexpected application of the handbrake on ice! Needless to say we made it back alive. If you know my parents, you will certainly get a retelling of this ‘adventure’ from their perspective...and it will probably sound a lot more exciting than this version!


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