A thousand words!

My average entry runs to about two-hundred and fifty words, so according to the old adage this entry should be about four times more informative than the norm! I have a friend who tried their best to bully me into learning to touch type. Sadly, I still type with two and a half fingers – a sorry confession, I know. Telling all the stories we could tell is hard given typing-time constraints. On occasion I stretch to sending a friend or two a couple of picture’s worth of text but even that is woefully inadequate. So here is a view we see most days – slightly enhanced for your enjoyment – your thousand words start here...


A great photo. The destruction of Mostar is so tragic but i'm so pleased that some of the buildings at least are being renovated now. Every time I visit Mostar I am always saddened by how much more destroyed it still seems than many other places in Bosnia that also suffered during the war.

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