Abba at Oxygen

Abba are arguably one of the world’s most famous four-piece pop acts. Tonight in Mostar we were entertained by a six-piece tribute act to Sweden’s finest export after Ikea and Volvo! The venue was Oxygen, a smart subterranean space. We thought we’d arrived fashionably late only to discover our group was the first to show up; it is a little strange to walk into a completely empty nightclub! We passed a pleasant hour listening to an eclectic playlist from the DJ. Highlights included War of the Worlds, I Should Be so Lucky and Axel F! Finally ‘Abba’ took the stage. The music was a passable approximation of the original but the look was off, way off if we're honest. As the evening wore on the musicians each morphed, at least in our eyes, into a distinct comedy character. I hope they are as funny in type.

The band leader seemed to be the bass player who reminded me of Ravi Shankar, although I don’t know if he actually bore any physical resemblance to him. What I do know is he was wearing rose-tinted specs over his reading glasses. On keyboards was a musical genius whose long dark hair and head-banging would have been better suited to a guitarist in Pantera. The drummer was Pirates of the Caribbean era Orlando Bloom: no question. The guitarist looked like he was trying to do a bad impression of a psychedelic John Lennon. Squint hard and the brown haired vocalist could have been Drew Barrymore. The blond was ludicrously tall and slim and slightly harder to place. Rowan suggested Zooey Descanel – perhaps from her Hitchhicker’s Guide role – but I prefer to think she was Sacha Baron Cohen in drag: all dodgy long blond wig and tight silver dress!

All in all, when the ticket cost little more than two quid, it was a night of priceless entertainment.


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