Encouraging creativity

Most days when I write I write and Rowan discovers what’s be posted the next time she’s online. Today, there was some discussion beforehand. We were in Klub and she was showing me some artwork produced by young people on Saturday. Four square canvasses were sat on the side. This one caught my eye.

The young people who come to Klub come from a range of backgrounds. Some are in education and will end up in university. Others are involved in more vocational training. Some have had no education. We’re been providing opportunities for all of them to engage in a range of creative projects. It was not easy at first. From what we can work out, the sort of creative activities that would not be uncommon in UK youth work are very definitely foreign concepts here.

Over the last few months it’s been encouraging to see more of them decide they want to take part. Which brings us to this art. It is mainly the work of a nineteen year old, who was helped out by a thirteen year old – the thirteen year old drew the outlines of the sun and the house for them to colour in. I wanted to show it because it is evidence someone doing something they’ve not had the chance to do before.


Anonymous said…
It's an encouraging start: the sun was relatively complex and there was a good use of colour. Don't you just long to see them cut loose and really express themselves. Let's hope it happens in time.
Conforming to a rigid expectation starts early here. Aged 2, Luke is already expected to do colouring/sticking etc. only between the lines. They are horrified that Adam, 3, doesn't already do it (he just wants to draw snails). It is great to see kids being encouraged to be creative!

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