For England and St George...and YouTube?!

Today is St George’s Day. For the benefit of our international audience let me clarify, St George is the Patron Saint of England. Ok, so he wasn’t English – and is also Patron Saint of a number of other places – but he is our answer to St Patrick, minus the shamrock and excessive quantities of Guinness! As celebrations go it seems England’s are always muted at best. This morning my brother Tweeted: Happy St George's Day - cue predictable lame TV news coverage of whether or not we should be allowed a bank holiday! That about sums it up.

But then I logged into YouTube and noticed I had an above average number of comments. Sensing something must be causing this spike in traffic I started to investigate only to discover the UK homepage had featured a video I made a year ago today. I'll confess feeling a sense of satisfaction that mine was the only video about this auspicious day given that treatment. Now I’ve probably made over 500 online videos so it’s not surprising I can’t remember the content of all of them. Watching this one back I was surprised, but pleasantly so, by what I heard.

I now spend a lot of time with a guy from Wales so I was amused to be reminded that ‘suddenly it’s cool to be Welsh’! I’ll let you watch the video for yourself but, should you be more of a reading type let me just finish with this. Today may be a day the English could celebrate – if they could free themselves from their politically-correct self-consciousness long enough to raise a smile – but ‘all of us should be happy to be who we are.’ As I say in the video, wherever you are in the world ‘I hope you are comfortable with who you are and where you come from.’


HellyersOnline said…
I'm honoured to have a humble twitter post on your blog!

Did you see the news item from Liverpool? Some pub landlords (I think) hung some St George's Cross flags on the street lamps down their road and the city council came along in a cherry picker taking them down - citing (you've guessed it) "Health & Safety". These were the same lamp posts which had proudly displayed Irish flags for St Patricks day a month or so before! The council received so many complaients they had to go back and hang them back up again!

It's a funny old world

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