For the love of chocolate!

Facebook statuses are without doubt the modern sleeve on which the heart is worn. Cries for help, look-at-me statements and thinly disguised digs – they’re all there. Today I indulged a little. As I write my status reads: Matt Hellyer can't help feeling he's missed out...not a single Creme Egg (or even a Mini Egg) this season! I think I wrote it seriously, although I can’t be completely sure.

Bosnia Herzegovina is not without good chocolate, although the best on sale may not actually be made in this country. We don’t go without, in fact I’ve recently had to make a conscious decision to cut back on Dorina because is almost certainly contributed to my winter weight gain. Nevertheless, I still crave Cadbury’s Dairy Milk; Rowan misses Galaxy.

Easter in England – the commercial celebration, not the religious festival – is about chocolate eggs. There are too many packaging monstrosities; elaborate, expensive wrappings on undernourished contents. I don’t go for purchasing overpriced chocolate. But I do appreciate two honest staples of the season: the Creme Egg, with its white and yellow fondant centre, and Mini Eggs, with their crispy sugar shells.

You can buy a Twix or a Kit Kat, a Bounty or a Mars Bar in Mostar but you won’t find a Creme Egg. When it comes to Easter the Catholic community does do eggs but they are real eggs, hard boiled and dyed different colours. Pretty they may be but I’m not a big fan of hard boiled eggs at the best of times. And, as I learnt when I once gave up chocolate for Lent, when you want chocolate it’s not that you’re hungry for anything else – you just want chocolate!


We hear you! It got so bad in our household that we had to put in an emergency phone call to our parents to get us some. Dyed eggs. Very pretty. Not the same thing at all.

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