Let there be light!

God said “Let there be light” and there was light. For the rest of us it’s not quite so quite so simple! It’s not usual for blokes to tell tales of their DIY failures but in the interests of honest communication that’s what I’m going to do. Over the last two days Ben and I have been trying to install an additional light fitment in Klub. It should have been a five or ten minute job but for several reasons it still remains unfinished. We’ve not been having much success with drilling of late and I hadn’t figured on the ceiling being concrete rather than plasterboard. Then the fitment itself was broken. Knowing that customer service is an undiscovered art returning it to the shop would be pointless. They might offer to send it away for repair. This happened to a cheap heater bought by one of our colleagues in Čapljina. It was mended, but returned after the worst of winter was passed. It took just half an hour of fiddling to find and fix the problem. But the real fun and games came just before that when I managed to trip the lights out by shorting the fitment with my (red) multi-meter probe. In a flash its shine was gone, leaving it sorry and scorched and me startled but, thankfully, not shocked!


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