Meet Amigurumi

So strange things have been going on in our apartment. First funny flowers started appearing, followed by featureless figurines. Then there was a cactus. Finally this! This, friends, is amigurumi. That is not actually her name, more like her genus, although it could equally be family or species. (Taxonomic ranking is not one of my strong points!)

This, then, is evidence of Rowan’s latest skill; a skill which I’m reliably informed could lead to some kind of fiscal payoff. To that end it is obviously worth encouraging! My only fear is as Rowan is still in the obsessive-compulsive stage of her relationship with creative croqueting we could become buried under a mountain of woollen wonders if suitable homes don’t start to be found for them soon!


Looks amazing. I'm extremely impressed.

If you are interested I have tagged you at mine today. It's a meme doing the rounds but I've tried to make it more Bosnian. Have I missed anything?
Anonymous said…
Well, that's the Christmas present list sorted.

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