A Minor Domestic Disaster.

So we had a minor domestic disaster today, but I don’t want to overplay it. Fellow Brits in Bosnia have experienced much worse – bizarrely both incidents happening in the bathroom! They woke at 3.30am to the sound on their hot water tank detaching itself from the wall. ‘It made the most almighty crashing noise. [We] shot out of bed, and into panic. We couldn't find where to turn the water off. We couldn't find the right fuse to stop the flow of electricity into the tank.’ We, on the other hand strolled back into our apartment on a warm, sunny Sunday afternoon to be mildly bemused by the strange sight that greeted us. Showing great presence of mind I reached for my camera and can proudly this video of what followed!


Ah yes, bathroom fixtures done on the cheap. Never a good plan. Glad noone was hit on the cupboard's way down. Hope you managed to sort it out.
Anonymous said…
wow...brings back memories of last month when the bottom of my bed cracked in two. hope you've found a viable solution. judging by the fact the major repairs to my bed cost only 20km, i'm afraid this problem may come back to haunt me. :)
Anonymous said…
Oh, wow. I did wonder about that cupboard. Quite a lot, actually! Very amusing story, thanks.

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