Paint the town red!

Rowan read that Mostar police had to use tear gas to disperse revellers after the football on Wednesday night. They could have been celebrating Bosnia Herzegovina’s win or Croatia’s. You could have followed either game here depending on which cafe bar you chose. That sort of painting the town is achievable with a lot more spontaneity than the literal kind. This we discovered today when we went shopping for paint.

Back in the UK we’ve been buying pre-mixed paint for as long as I can remember. You’d go a pick up your Dulux colour card and browse the brochure of impossibly neat rooms pictured in conveniently complementary Dulux colours. Matching the picture to the swatch you’d return to the shop to purchase a can of ‘luscious lilac’, or whatever it was that had taken your fancy. Then DIY stores started installing fancy machines where you could get literally any colour you wanted mixed up, obviously for an extra cost. If you want ‘luscious lilac with lime’ it’s all yours, although it doesn’t come recommended!

Not so at our local OBI. We were confronted with a selection of huge tubs of white emulsion and a row of pigment pots. Some had swatches printed on them, showing what they’d look like depending how much you diluted them. There were no take-away swatches, pretty brochures or tester pots. And, yes, you take it home and make it yourself. So we made some safe selections and decided to experiment. It promises us another adventure as we try our hand at mixing and matching.


Anonymous said…
Wonderful, I wish you well! It'll be fun, whatever happens.

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