Pooled Knowledge

Tonight’s post is dedicated to my kid brother, whose slightly sketchy sixth-form attendance record allowed him to pass on an education in pool. I’m no great player but I learned enough not to embarrass myself as a group of us went out tonight. I can pull of the odd astounding shot; if I could only find some consistency to my play I might even become good.

The rules here are definitely different than I remember. No ‘two shots’ for fouls – although sinking the black and white remains a game killing manoeuvre. The black has to go in the same pocket as the last colour you pot. Maybe my English knowledge is out-of-date. I know that’s the case with table-tennis; the last time I studied the rules was at school, twenty years ago. Nevertheless, the satisfaction of a shot well made was still the same, as was the frustration of game-throwing mistakes – of which I made my fair share!


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