Screws and staples

Rowan is more qualified than I am, however, despite all her education, she still refers to all earth or soil as ‘mud’ and all pointy pieces of metal used for joining wood together as a ‘nail’ even if the object in question is unquestionably a screw! It is this second offence that relates to today’s story. While Rowan may call something by the wrong name it seems the person responsible for the construction of the sofas at Klub is guilty of putting nails to completely the wrong use. And let’s not even get started on the staple overkill.

Ben and I were trying our hand, again, at furniture repair. Our first attempt had failed but we are not easily beaten. Perhaps it’s just blokish optimism in our own DIY skills; needless to say we have no education or experience to burn in this area. Until now. After it successfully survived this evening we can declare the sofa fixed. (I won’t bore you with the details of what was wrong other than to say one end of its seat had collapsed.) Were a real repair person to open it up and investigate our work they would have good cause to be as scathing as I have been of the original construction. But, in our defence, we were working from scraps, not from scratch. Besides, an hour or so of ingenuity, a few screws and a staple gun is cheaper than a real repair, definitely cheaper than a new sofa.


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