We all scream for...

When my mum met my dad he was, she says, the first person she had met who ate ice cream in the winter. A little over forty years later he is still a dedicated year-round consumer. During their recent visit I felt quite the killjoy explaining that, no, he couldn’t have ice cream; most Slastičarnica’s put it away for winter. But that was then. Now, with temperatures up into the twenties it’s time to wheel out those counters and lure in the passers-by.

Which is why we stopped, barely five minutes from our apartment, to test out one of these new arrivals. The large tubs of scooped up, Italian-style, ice cream looked good. It proved a winning experience on two counts. Our modest, single scoop, cones cost about 35p each and the ice cream was probably the best we’ve tasted yet. However, tonight our language teacher said that the best ice cream is to be found in the same place we think the best cakes are served. So I know where we’ll be off to when we get a free minute; it’s only right that we compare their wares!


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