Anyone for Battenberg?

It was the reminder of yet another iconic food item not available – at least to my knowledge – to those of us living in the Balkans. A friend messaged me on Facebook to say he thought it was time the resurrect ‘The Battenberg Effect’. Now that’ll mean nothing to some of you, while other readers will be thinking of pink and yellow fluffy sponge squares glued together with jam and wrapped in marzipan!

The Gutenberg Effect – or thegutenbergeffect – is a blog I started a couple of years ago. It was a ‘tech blog’ of sorts. Drawing from my experience in communications and creative development, as a writer, project manager and mentor, I wanted to add my two pennies to the understanding of trends in technology and the social impact of these changes. I hadn’t posted on the site since before our move to Bosnia and Herzegovina...until today.

His message made me realise I still have something to say on the subjects I used to riff around, but from the new perspective of our new environment. For example, I had a message from a friend three time zones away this morning. They were asking could we Skype. A couple of emails flew back and forth, and all before lunchtime – well my lunchtime anyway! This kind of exchange – the speed and ease of it – would be unthinkable, even a decade ago.

Before we moved we primarily accessed our news through the internet, we still visit the same sites. Technology has meant some things don’t have to change. Again, unthinkable advantages of technological advances. (There are downsides to, but now is not the time to go into those.) This is our first experience of living in a different country but despite our limited experience I realise how much our transition into a new culture has been eased by the internet.

I could go on and on, which is why I’ll be posting our more tech-related tales over at thegutenbergeffect.


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