Dancing the Quadrille and the Riddle of Bruce Lee

I recently made a video where I confessed to ‘air drumming’ as I walk down the road listening to my iPod. Music has that kind of effect on me. So it was that around noon today I was drawn to Spanish Square by the sound of a live band playing loudly. It seems I stumbled upon the prelude to a world record attempt by an enormous number of students dancing the Quadrille. Quite random really!

Feeling a little out of place I carried on to the park because I’d been told the statue of Bruce Lee had been reinstated. If he had he has vanished again already. His plinth remains; possibly with a little more graffiti than the last time I looked. As he was chosen for such a public tribute because of his universal, cross-cultural appeal one has to hope there wasn’t a repeat of the vandalism that saw him removed the first time.


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