Finding Face!

We’ve just been on retreat with the Novi Most team. We spent a great weekend in Jajce, about three hours drive north of Mostar. I’ll try and squeeze in a few post about the trip this week as there are some good stories to tell but I’ll start with this. Yes, the photo. The plate in question was provide for one of our vegetarian team members during dinner at the Hotel Turist. Usely when people see faces in a slice of toast, or a plank of wood, they claim it as the face of Christ and sell it to the Sun, or similar red top. At a push they might claim the Virgin Mary. I’ll claim neither here – although this is undoubtedly a comic representation of someone. ..but who?

If you recognise ol’ egg’n’chips-face here do post their true identity in the comments!


David said…
Pirate Captain Davy Jones?

The atheist Flying Spaghetti Monster?

That's all I have.

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