The Lunchtime Lottery

It’s the end of a long day; the third long day in a row. By long I mean the kind of day where you leave the house first thing in the morning and you get back last thing at night having been working pretty much all the hours in between. These kind of on-the-go days need fuelling and the usual solution is to dial one of the local food outlets that delivers.

Today, sometime after what I’d usually call lunchtime I opted for a chicken sandwich (technically more like a sub or a baguette). I had this item many times before – from the same place – but what amuses me is how the same order can result in quite different items being delivered. The core ingredients are always there: bread and chicken. However the dressing and the salad vary greatly.

This particular place is not the only one that delivers inconsistently on its menu. It seems a not uncommon situation, at least based on our experience it is. They say variety is the spice of life, and who am I to disagree. There’s something refreshingly spontaneous about not really if what you’re about it eat truly corresponds to what was on the menu. That said we do sometimes wonder what Trading Standards would make of all of this!


David said…
Consistency is one of the few things McDonald's has in its favor.
WeDoAdventure said…
That's very true. We have used that rationale for visits there on previous trips around Europe. But as I'm sure you're aware we're now in one of only a handful of European countries without the Golden M!
Think Sarajevo is now the only European capital without the golden arches - long may it stay that way. Apparently the city wouldn't give them permission to set up in the old town and McD decided they couldn't compete against cevapi.

Delivery is a concept that could be further developed in Bosnia. As could the idea of a take-away coffee...

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