Prvi Maj

It was one of the weirder rude awakenings we’ve experienced. Let’s take nothing away from the fact it was rude – I’ve had that sleep-deprived, thick-head feeling all day. Rude because, on one of the rare occasions there was actually the possibility for a lay-in it was so cruelly snatched away. But, despite the moaning, it had its fair share of comedy and it’s for that reason I’m blogging about it.

We woke with a start at 7.45am to the sound of a marching band. Outside the bedroom window! If you knew our street you would appreciate just how bizarre it is for a marching band to be marching the wrong way down this particular one-way street, at what I’m very tempted to describe as an ‘ungodly’ hour! I was the sort of shock that induces involuntary action – in this case shooting out of bed to pull up the shutters for visual confirmation of this audio outrage.

With perfect timing the bleary-eyed faces of Rowan and I appeared in our bedroom windows at precisely the point the band was level with our apartment. As we were busily computing the surreal sea of bright red uniforms that greeted us, curious band members were snatching glances in the direction of the clattering shutters. Somehow the whole thing seemed to have some kind of Disney overtone to it. But perhaps that was just my brain getting particularly lateral as my body returned to its horizontal position. However, there was to be no more sleep.

So began our ‘Prvi Maj’.


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