On Monday afternoon we took a walk up to the fort in Jajce. It was great weather for a spot of tourism –sunny and bright but not too hot. I shot some video that will eventually find its way online. After handing over 1KM each the steel gate was unlocked and we were unleashed on this ancient monument while the gate keeper sat outside. There were no signs, no audio guide and no handrails! Perhaps the Bosnians understand what it is to treat people like adults. I can think of too many similar sites in the UK that have been spoilt by attempts to protect the paying public, or the site itself. Yes, I was scared as I walked a narrow section of the wall with a sheer drop on one side, but I survived to tell the tale. And I enjoyed the experience more for the sense of adventure included in the admission fee! However, statistics may be on the side of the Bosnians. The fort didn’t give the impression of ever being overrun by tourists. Given this the chance of an accident seems pretty small. Towns like Jajce could benefit greatly from an injection of tourist cash. Development in that direction seems inevitable. I recommend squeezing a visit in quickly while it is still a largely unspoiled environment.


I do love the lack of health and safety part of visiting Bosnian forts. It is, as you say, somehow quite liberating to be treated as an adult.

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