Bosnia makes UK headlines!

Regular readers will probably have noticed my new sources of choice are and You might also have heard me talk about how little of what is happening in this part of the world ever gets reported through those sites. And so tonight I have to blog on this subject because something of a minor miracle has happened in regard to the British press.

“Fresh footage of Europe’s top war crimes fugitive Ratko Mladic shown on Bosnian television has today caused a bitter row with neighbouring Serbia, which is tasked with bringing him to justice.” So begins the article linked of the front page of The Times site. The BBC is also carrying the story with similar prominence. While I’m pleased to see Bosnia and Herzegovina getting some needed exposure this is clearly a politically sensitive issue that could serve only to compound an already tense situation in this country. Nevertheless, international attention is important.

For those wanting an easy way of getting some background on this particular story perhaps Richard Gere’s movie ‘The Hunting Party’ would help. It’s not epic cinema, nor should it be taken as an accurate representation of events, but it does illustrate a widely held belief that the whereabouts of suspected war criminals are little more than open secrets, just ones conveniently ignored by intelligence agencies. Maybe this is true but, then again, Hollywood always loves a good conspiracy theory!


i just posted about this too. It isn't just hollywood who loves the conspiracy theory. I quite enjoyed the film though, inaccuracies and all.
David said…
Leah and I heard a whole hour-long radio program here last night on schooling around the world, that while it didn't mention Bosnia and Herzegovina, it did mention United World College. She was excited. And she's taught me how to pronounce "Herzegovina." :)

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