Celebrity Sighting?

Rowan’s sister once saw Robbie Williams sitting on a park bench in London. That was back when he was the star and to suggest Take That could successfully reform (without him) and go on to pull off the largest stadium tour the UK has seen (ever) might have got one sectioned! I’ve visited London many times and can’t claim a single celebrity spot. Ok, so I once saw a woman who was the spitting image of Madonna on the corner of Leicester Square and Charing Cross Road. The huge dark glasses looked legit but as the blond hair wasn’t buried under a baseball cap the lipstick was too conspicuously red I'm convinced it wasa try-hard and not the real deal.

Last night we were enjoying a late-night dinner with the guy who drove us to Bosnia, outside a bar in the Old Town of Sarajevo. Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, would surely be the place for celebrity sightings. However in my case a complete ignorance of the names and faces of the local glitterati is always going to make that difficult. Nevertheless, at the table next-but-one I suddenly notice the distinctive features of the one local pop star I would recognise. Elvir Laković, aka Laka: the man who was behind Bosnia and Herzegovina’s Eurovision entry last year. (Buy the song if you don’t own it already!) I didn’t like to stare and I certainly wasn’t going to get up and ask if I had correctly identified a bloke having a quiet beer with a mate, but there it is, an unconfirmed celebrity sighting in Sarajevo.

(Feel free to burst the bubble on my claim in the comments below!)


Anonymous said…
Burst your bubble? Never!

We once saw Sir Alec Douglas-Hume in St.James Park, London. And often see Norman Tebbitt shopping in Waitrose.. But as to the glitterati, would be nice, but no.
Saw Peter Mandleson in Dubrovnik. We might have even followed him in a slightly stalkerish fashion but he did go to a really great bar playing some super jazz so we felt vindicated. We knew he'd be going somewhere good!

Unlikely to see anyone in Tuzla... Enjoy Sarajevo!
Unknown said…
Visit the islands off the Dalmatian coast and you’ll see quite a number of local and foreign celebrities.
Laka’s song ain’t bad, it’s just that it sounds sort of as ‘She Don't Use Jelly’ by Flaming Lips (I don’t wanna say it’s a complete ripoff; nevertheless, some parts are very similar sounding.). I cannot escape the feeling anytime I listen to the song. However, he seems like a cool dude.
If you are interested in seeing something local and really interesting check Rambo Amadeus (the world’s mega emperor). He’s gonna have concerts next month in Dalmatia (Korcula, Split, Brac), and that’s something not to be missed (at least I wouldn’t if I were in the region).
Wish I could be in Mostar. Enjoy the weather.
HellyersOnline said…
I saw GMTV host Kate Garaway in Covent Garden last month... prior to that my only real celebrity sighting would have been Alistair McGowan when I went to see the Woman in BLack years ago.

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