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If you were to go to www.hyundai.ba you could make an online reservation for a hire car. However, I’m not sure I’d recommend it. Not that I don’t recommend hiring from Hyundai; I am a satisfied repeat customer. Let me tell yesterday’s tale and perhaps you’ll understand why I’m reticent to recommend online reservations.

I walked into Hyundai’s rental car office at Mostar’s main station. The staff – in the singular – looked up from his desk and greeted me, in English.

‘I want to hire a car’
‘Ponedeljak...whole week’
‘What car?’

Out came a classic Stabilo highlighter – fluorescent pink- to draw a neat line on the A4 schedule sitting on the desk. I spelt out my surname and and couple of little ‘8’s were scribbled at the beginning and end of the line – a record of our agreed pick-up and return times. And that was that.

It is obvious it is the A4 paper schedules, not the computer, which governs what goes on in (or out) of the office. To use their website not only would run the risk of information being lost in the manual transfer to the ‘master sheet’ but it would also be to miss out on some good old-fashioned customer service!


Anonymous said…
Yes, let's hear it for A4 paper and a pink highlighter, we know where we are with these. Together with a lever arch file and a two hole punch. And papers filed in chronologigal order. Simple, but very effective. And efficient.

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