A stolen story!

Tonight I’m shamelessly stealing an extract from a brilliant post on Brits in Bosnia. This particular aspect of the Bosnian fascination with paper work was new to me but it’s one of the best illustrations of their national fixation I’ve read. The subject is birth certificates...

"The problem is that in Bosnia your birth certificate is re-validated every 6 months. Yup, every 6 months every single Bosnian must go back to the relevant ministry and get a stamp, or whatever it is that they do to show that they are still, well, born. Because, you know, just maybe they have been born again and not in the religious sense."


Keeping Bosnians in employment, one birth certificate stamp at a time.

Thanks very much, feel most flattered!

ps - we are likely to be in Mostar in Sept, are you guys going to be around?
WeDoAdventure said…
We'll be around and the very beginning and the very end of the month, but we're in the UK for the middle couple of weeks.

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