The Wait Is Over

This is Adrian. He works with us at Novi Most. He's waited a couple of years for this moment. He may look like he's about to tee-off with some crazy oversized driver but don't be fooled: this is Uni-Hockey.
Uni-Hockey is not a sport I'd come across in England but it's big in Finland, apparently! It uses what Americans call a whiffle ball and plastic sticks. Teams have 3 players with sticks and a 'golman', wearing protective gear, on their knees. Tonight we launched what will turn into a Uni-Hockey team in Mostar. Seeing a project finally get off the ground is a great feeling, and so this post is dedicated to Adrian's dedication.


Anonymous said…
Excellent! Look forward to hearing more about this.
David said…
We played a very similar game when I was at school, but with a hard plastic ball or a rubber ball instead of a whiffle ball. We called it simply "floor hockey," since it was usually played indoor on a basketball court. Actually a whiffle ball sounds better, because I think it would be easier to control.

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