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For the past couple of days I’ve been introducing young people to the joys of vector graphics. That may mean nothing to you; it didn’t mean much to them at the beginning either. If you’re thinking of Paint or Photoshop then you’re metaphorically barking up the wrong tree – they are both bitmap packages, admittedly with a sizable capability gulf between them. Illustrator is a vector program, as is CorelDraw. I’m sure either could be purchased here for next to nothing. I haven’t check but I do know a young person with a copy of Photoshop CS on his memory stick that is doubtless of dubious origin.

Novi Most doesn’t have the budget to start equipping our computers with expensive (legitimate) design software so I opted to install Inkscape. It’s an open source equivalent of Illustrator. It more than does the job of introducing young people to a different way of using computers. Using eDCC, Rowan has been running courses in Words and Excel for a few months now. These have been really popular. But computer graphics presents an all new challenge. This week won’t make computer artists out of them but it will hopefully inspire a few. Next week we tackle GIMP, the open-source Photoshop equivalent. If these combine to be a nail in the coffin of computer clip-art culture then I’ll be all the happier!


Anonymous said…
Hmmm...not sure about using the word "equivalent" there...perhaps "alternative" is better? But I'm glad to hear the assault on clip-art continues! (And is it still theft if the country doesn't recognise copyright law? I googled BiH and it seems there is copyright law. There's a moral debate for you!)
I'm no techie. I can barely turn the computer on, so I didn't understand most of what you just wrote. But you might want to talk to Dave about different programmes you can use, as he is a software developer and has spent a lot of time working out free stuff and stuff that is available in BiH.

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