Random, like an owl!

This will doubtless end up like one of those ‘conversations’ you have on the street; the sort where neither of you actually stops walking but instead attempt to achieve a neck rotation worthy of a barn owl. To that end I think I’m just going to throw out a series of sentences. They may appear random but they’ll all have some untold story behind them. If you just have to know more then let me point you in the direction of the comments. So here goes...

Rowan was bemused that the band outside the rehearsal studio weren’t excited about the tortoise climbing the stairs.

Andy Gliddon helped me provide a fitting tip of the hat to this and that with some fine adlibbed vocals.

Swimming by Bosnia and Herzegovina’s answer to Niagara is good; seeing young people who used to spit and swear at each other getting along is better.


Anonymous said…
O.K., you've got me: I love tortoises, please tell me more!

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