Today's Random Food Stories

A few months back I named and shamed the shop at the end of our street. It was an incident with some green, mouldy Gouda that prompted my outburst. Since then this particular Merkur has undergone a refit. In an act of grace I popped in to check if this has made any improvement to the standard of food on sale. I was pleasantly surprised. I almost bought some edible-looking cucumbers. I was pleased to see the shop now carries an extended range of line, with welcome new additions including Uncle Ben’s rice.

On the subject of familiar brands I had quite the surprise strolling through town today. Mostar has more than its fair share of scooters, perhaps not as many as Rome there’s always someone buzzing around on two wheels. On my way to coffee this afternoon my path was crossed by a machine of reasonable vintage, with a big metal briefcase bolted over the rear wheel. On the top of this was the sort of insulated delivery bag used by delivery riders in the UK. It bore an unmistakeable logo. Pizza Hut does not exist over here so quite what one of their bags is doing over here is anybody’s guess.


We've got a Tesco's up here. Tesco it is not.

ps - have you heard the rumour that McDonalds is coming to Sarajevo? (was it you that told me?) Such a shame. I like living in the only country in Europe that doesn't have a McDs.
WeDoAdventure said…
I hadn't heard any McRumours! I was tempted to indulge in Zagreb and was pleasently surprised by how good the special offer faux-Italian chicken burger was. However it was not as good as the food in the Indian resturant we found.

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