A tall tale

I was checking out who follows our WeDoAdventure twitter account earlier today. It’s sad, I know, but it led to my stumbling upon an interesting web page bigging up the benefits of a visit to Bosnia. My interest was piqued by their reference to rain forests; I know we get a lot of hot weather and plenty of rain in Mostar but somehow the image of Macaws squawking through the tree tops seemed a little at odds with the countryside I’ve experiences around here.

Google took me to Wikipedia, the great arbitrator of truth in this internet age. Apparently, there is indeed one of Europe’s last remaining primeval forests not so far from here. It seems you can only visit it if accompanied by rangers but this is certainly something that warrants further investigation. At a time when deforestation is a global concern, not least for the future of breathable air, it is reassuring to know that the world’s tallest Norway Spruce is chucking out its contribution to the oxygen supply just down the road from me!


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